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It is standard practice nowadays for businesses to gather large amounts of data. 

This data can come from various sources, have varying degrees of sensitivity, and cover many types of different information. 

There are many expensive off the shelf solutions that can be purchased and modified to try and meet your business needs, however, these solutions are not always necessary. 

There are several different requirements from businesses:

  • To be able to view and search their information more easily - Customer Information.

  • To summarise their data in key areas using graphs, charts and tables- eg Weekly Sales / Profit.

  • To analyse their data  - e.g. review sales trends, purchasing cost variances, statistical trending etc. 

  • Compliance and Operational Reporting - e.g. Weekly Performance figures, identification of specific data etc.

  • To ensure all of their data is entered and can be viewed and updated in one place.

  • To ensure that all areas of their business can be summarised in one place. 

  • Standardising the format and amount of data that is input.

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