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Access Databases

Benefits to an Access Database:

  • Simple and Cost Effective alternative to an SQL Server and Database.

  • Suitable for a maximum of 20 concurrent users. 

  • Compatible with other Microsoft Products.

  • Ability to expand to Microsoft SQL as data and users grow.

Examples of Access Database uses include:

Ensuring that data is entered in the correct format, certain fields can be mandatory and multiple people can access the data at the same time. 

Customer Contact Details - Keep all Customer Details together, Email individual or groups of Customers. 

You can also create Call Details to log calls or emails from your customer:


You can add any number of forms to record any type of information that can then be easily searched for by multiple people at the same time. 

Some more examples are Vehicle and Expenses forms:


The database will display screens with buttons to select depending upon what action you require. Reports are also available.

There are plenty of uses for Microsoft Access, to discuss your requirements, please Contact Us.

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