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Almost every business has weekly and monthly reports that are created from scratch every week and month.

Pherlock can automate your reporting process for you so that your reporting becomes a much quicker, smoother and more consistent operation.

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Automate your


weekly or monthly




Excel Reports Automated

If your reports are mainly produced and distributed in Excel then a VBA Code can be created that allows the cleansing, sorting, formulae, pivot table, and graphs to be created at the click of a button.


If you have big data that you would like examining for trends and/or aberrations, then we offer this service as well. 

1. Automating Excel

2. Analysing Excel Data

3. Creating Power BI Dashboards

Helping you create a consistent approach

Reporting can be extremely time consuming and different people approach and calculate data differently. Automated reporting allows a consistent, process driven approach to reporting within a fraction of the time.

Automate Excel

You will receive an Excel Template. 

On 1 tab you will copy and paste raw data.

On another, you will see a Create button you need to press.

The code will then cleanse the data and create any required formulae.

Any tables, pivot tables or graphs and charts you have requested, will now be created for you. 

Your reports are completed. 

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