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Power BI

If you require a dashboard display of different reports then this can be created in Power BI, with the cleansing, sorting, formula creation and visualisations set up, and your data refreshed at the press of a button. 

Corresponding fields from different inputs can be linked to provide more rounded data.

These can then be accessed via internet on a computer, tablet or mobile , or displayed locally on a screen.


There are all sorts of visualisations for your data with Power BI, some examples are shown below:




There are maps to show postcodes or longitudes and latitudes

and could show number of customers in an area, or particular

types of customers or orders in an area.

Or you may want more conventional visuals of your data :



Where Power BI really stands out though, is bringing lots of different information together into one place and onto 1 screen:

picture 4.png
Picture 1.png
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