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Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel – Below is the standard Intermediate course. This is covered in 1 day and handout notes and an example spreadsheet are provided.


1.       Formulae

a.       Vlookups

b.       HLookups

c.       If Statements

d.       AND, ELSE, OR or NOT Statements

e.       Nesting Statements


2.       Pivot Tables

a.       Understanding Pivot Tables

b.       Creating a Pivot Table

c.       Formatting a Pivot Table

d.       Updating a Pivot Table

e.       Include or Remove Totals and Sub Totals on Pivot Table


3.       Pivot Charts

a.       Understanding Pivot Charts

b.       Creating a Pivot Chart

c.       Formatting a Pivot Chart

d.       Updating a Pivot Chart


4.       Data Validation

a.       Create a Cell or range of cells with Data Validation

b.       Remove Data Validation from Cell or range of Cells.


5.       Macros

a.       Record a Macro

b.       Create a personal Macro Workbook

c.       Editing Macros.


6.       Tabs and Add-Ins

a.       Adding additional tabs

b.       Adding Additional Functions to Tabs

c.       Download and enable an Add-In from Microsoft Excel.

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