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Basic Excel Course

Basic Excel – Below is the standard Basic course. This is covered in 1 day and handout notes and an example spreadsheet are provided.



1.       Introduction

  • a.       Creating a new spreadsheet

  • b.       Opening an existing spreadsheet

  • c.       Renaming a spreadsheet

  • d.       Entering text into cells

  • e.       Deleting text in cells

  • f.        Saving a spreadsheet


2.       Ranges

  • a.       Inserting columns and Rows

  • b.       Undo Command

  • c.       Copy and Pasting

  • d.       Changing Width of rows and columns

  • e.       Applying and using Filters

  • f.        AutoFill and Flashfill

  • g.       Freeze panes


3.       Tables

  • a.       Creating a table

  • b.       Adding / deleting rows and columns to a table

  • c.       Formatting a table


4.       Formatting

  • a.       Format Function

  • b.       Merging Cells

  • c.       Text Wrap

  • d.       Set Print Area


5.       Simple Formaulae

  • a.       Adding, multiplying, subtracting or dividing 2 cells

  • b.       Autosum

  • c.       Percentages


6.       Charts

  • a.       Creating and formatting a bar chart

  • b.       Creating and formatting a line chart

  • c.       Creating and formatting a pie chart

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