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Intermediate Excel Training

Intermediate Excel – Below is the standard Intermediate course. This is covered in 1 day and handout notes and an example spreadsheet are provided.


1.       Intermediate Formulae

a.       Weekday

b.       Min, Max, Average, Mean

c.       Count, Counta and Countblank

d.       Sumif and Countif

e.       IF Statements

f.        Absolute cell referencing


2.       Filtering             

a.       Text Filters

b.       Colour Filters

c.       Filter on Cell


3.       Working with multiple worksheets  / workbooks

a.       Copying or moving a worksheet

b.       Deleting worksheets

c.       Link 2 worksheets or workbooks

d.       Calculations across 2 worksheets or workbooks


4.       Conditional Formatting


5.       Text From Columns


6.       Removing Duplicates from Data

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